Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dunkin Donuts, here I come!

So I will be heading back to the East coast for a couple of days this coming week, and I would love to get together with people. I am going to post my itinerary here, and would appreciate if people would get back to me with a time and place if they want to get together, or you can meet me wherever I happen to be...

Thursday, July 2: 9am Arrive at Logan Airport.
Thursday, July 2: Be in and around Boston. until the evening when the barhopping happens around davis/porter, etc.
Thursday, july 2- 7pm: Bar Hopping Starts... Starting at Redbones at 7pm. Call me and we can meet up. I am unsure of the plan, as my friend Emily is in total control of this.
Friday, July 3-1pm: Get to Old Saybrook via the train. Then go to Clinton to hang out on the beach.
Friday, July 3-5-7pm: Drinks with Emily's parents somewhere around that area....
Saturday, July 4: Hang out on the beach in Clinton, eating hotdogs, swimming, drinking beers, causing trouble.
Sunday, July 4: Hang out on the beach in Clinton, hopefully Larissa and Becca can come down.
Sunday, July 4, 5pm: Bring Emily to the train.
Monday, July 5: Go to NYC in mid-morning, then go downtown around lunchish to meet up with Ali
Monday, July 5, PM: Go out for dinner and drinks somewhere in the city with whoever is around. Please let me know.
Tuesday, July 6, 7am: Go back to CO to go to work.

all of these events are surely going to be intertwined with drinking dunkin donuts iced coffee and eating donuts....

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Painting houses

it sucks. don't do it..... especially when you start in november....

also, i need a new roommate, starting in july.