Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dunkin Donuts, here I come!

So I will be heading back to the East coast for a couple of days this coming week, and I would love to get together with people. I am going to post my itinerary here, and would appreciate if people would get back to me with a time and place if they want to get together, or you can meet me wherever I happen to be...

Thursday, July 2: 9am Arrive at Logan Airport.
Thursday, July 2: Be in and around Boston. until the evening when the barhopping happens around davis/porter, etc.
Thursday, july 2- 7pm: Bar Hopping Starts... Starting at Redbones at 7pm. Call me and we can meet up. I am unsure of the plan, as my friend Emily is in total control of this.
Friday, July 3-1pm: Get to Old Saybrook via the train. Then go to Clinton to hang out on the beach.
Friday, July 3-5-7pm: Drinks with Emily's parents somewhere around that area....
Saturday, July 4: Hang out on the beach in Clinton, eating hotdogs, swimming, drinking beers, causing trouble.
Sunday, July 4: Hang out on the beach in Clinton, hopefully Larissa and Becca can come down.
Sunday, July 4, 5pm: Bring Emily to the train.
Monday, July 5: Go to NYC in mid-morning, then go downtown around lunchish to meet up with Ali
Monday, July 5, PM: Go out for dinner and drinks somewhere in the city with whoever is around. Please let me know.
Tuesday, July 6, 7am: Go back to CO to go to work.

all of these events are surely going to be intertwined with drinking dunkin donuts iced coffee and eating donuts....

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