Monday, January 25, 2010

Carnival Tricks

I should have been one of those people who guesses other people's weight at the carnival. I was sitting on the subway the other day, trying to size people up and i seemed to be pretty much right on. I asked a couple of people if i was right, and i got some very strange looks.

I did however find that if i phrased my questions appropriately, it came across as not as akward or bizarre. When i asked people outright what they weighed, they were either offended or looked at me like I was nuts. When i suggested that they looked like someone I knew, or was trying to purchase a gift for, they were more willing to share their weight with me.

the outcome of this venture was that I figured out I could probably take out about 30% of the people that I asked in a wrestling match :)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sandwich VS Burrito

In a battle which would win,
since burritos do not have arms to pin?
Would a burrito wrapped tight
put up a good fight?
or would the sandwich
turn into a manwich?

What is the best way to settle this battle?
Would it be with two cowboys in the saddle
or with a kayak and a paddle?
If you don't want to know, then ski-daddle!

I like fresh veggies,
i don't like wedgies.
I like the lettuce, so crisp and pleasant,
but burritos are favorites of my tenant.

The trick for sandwiches is the bread,
and what goes on in your head,
when you add the dressings, the insides,
and whatever else you devise.

I think in a rumble,
the sandwich would tumble,
but my stomach would grumble,
if neither did win.

Burritos are wrapped up all nice,
and have the right amount of spice,
but there is always something messy,
about the last bite.

Sandwiches stay consistent, unless you suck at making them.

which i don't.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Soup, Sandwiches and Skiing

1 of these is not like the other. Or are they all the same? They all begin with S, they are all things that bring me energy, and they are all things I can accomplish in a day. Sometimes I eat sandwiches while I ski, and sometimes I eat soup while I ski, and sometimes I eat soup and sandwiches and dont ski.

We went out for a tour on Saturday up at Berthoud Pass, and the weather was perfect. In the 30's bluebird, and the snow was decent. We started out a little slow, dealing with some of the traffic and what not from other ski areas, but we had fun. We sat at the top of the climb and busted out the jetboil and boiled up some soup for the ramen, pad thai, and other such yummies. Spinach wraps, chocolates, etc. it was like we were going on a picnic, not going skiing.

But all good things must come to an end, so we packed up our bags, put on our skis, and took some photos, which will be posted below. All in all, it was a great day of skiing with friends.... oh wait, we did play around in some avalanche debris, which was interesting to see what the layers were doing. Some pretty big slides, started by skiers, as well as a bunch of natural avy slides. Please people, if you are going to do stupid things, don't do them near me. I don't like having to ski along and then suddenly start thinking that you might be buried under the snow below me.... be smart, not stupid.

Sandwiches are pretty awesome... so are burritos, but in a battle, i think that a sandwich could take it... but that might be for a different blog post.