Monday, November 15, 2010

Friday, October 29, 2010

Ski Season is here, or so it seems

This is a song for my friend buzz, sung by some of our friends... we miss you buzz.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

For my friend Buzz, who will be missed.

Buzz, you shall forever be missed. you are an inspiration to us all, and every day you make people realize how lucky they are to be alive. I wish I could have thanked you more for all you have done for me. I was one day late with the text I wanted to send you, and I drove by your house just one too many times and said... i should stop in and say hi to buzz. I know you would have stopped what you were doing to hang out with me and catch up. You lived life to the fullest, and you encouraged everyone to do the same. your smile is contagious, and your laughter a true song. Your zest to make life better for everyone is unparalleled, and your couldn't drown out your kindness with the entire ocean.

Even in death, you have helped people realize how important they are to each other, and how important being a part of the community is. You bring people together to celebrate life, and to make sure that we are all still enjoying ourselves here on earth. You are up in heaven, skiing neck deep in clouds of powder with your gang up there, and we will miss you. We will think about you on those epic ski days, and we will think about you on cruiser rides in the rain. We will think about you on sunny days at GCB, and the days with the worst weather we can imagine, we will be thinking of you and enjoying our lives. You have instilled that in us, and we thank you.

Thank you buzz, for all have done. As I type this I am crying, and I don't know why. you wouldn't want me to cry. you would want me to be enjoying myself and celebrating the time we did spend together.

You would want me to be telling people about the day you gave me the mad max mobile at GCB, or the day we had 7 dogs, fajitas, and tried to teach Carin how to play poker. You would want me to go ride around town on the jewzer and go ski powder at the basin. You would want me to go give everyone a hug, and invite people over for tequila shots. You would want me to go live life as you did, filled to the max with joy. You shall always be my friend buzz, and you shall always be an inspiration.








Cancer sucks. Real bad.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Backcountry Coalition

So a couple of friends and I are obviously backcountry skiers, and we also work in the retail world. There are a lot of people out there that want to get out and go backcountry skiing, but there are also a lot of people out there that do not want to have to sort through a lot of guidebooks and other stuff, so we decided to start a website designated to being a user based online guidebook for backcountry skiers, in an effort to keep people safer as well as provide information so people can have fun trips.

well, we started which is exactly that. It is a way for people to find out some data about the routes you want to go ski, as well as have people post comments and other information about the area. Anyone can sign up, and if you have something to participate, please feel free to do so!

Right now the site is in its infancy, but there is a lot of potential for there to be a lot of good stuff!

Sign up and Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Florida Trip.... 2010

Here are a couple of pictures from my last trip to florida!

Melting..... I felt like i was

I was down on the beach in florida this past weekend. I love the ocean, and love the sand. I hate the heat. i wish that I could have been not 93ยบ at all times. I did get some sun, and i went swimming, and it was a good time.

Overall it was a good time, but i was missing out on 3 feet of fresh snow at Vail Pass.... It is kind of a tossup, because i got to hang out with my wonderful girlfriend on the beach, in a fantastic setup.... but it was almost so hot that we didn't want to do anything.

we did eat some sandwiches, play in the ocean, eat some more, dance the night away, and enjoy some fantastic sunsets....

i think i will allow it. Next time though, can someone turn down the heat?

Friday, April 9, 2010

15 minutes of fame

So they say that everyone gets 15 minutes of fame.... well. Today was my day, or at least my dog's day. I submitted a picture of him a while ago to as a joke, and today I noticed that i was getting a bunch of traffic to the blog from there. Sure enough, they chose to have Rally's Picture on the site....

Here is the link to his page I hope you enjoy!

Rally is a pretty awesome dog, who loves to play in the snow. I thought it was appropriate to have him all dressed up to go play...

here are a couple more pictures of him....

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Passover makes eating sandwiches difficult. Riding bikes is fun.

Chopping wood is good exercise... i split a lot of wood today..... it was fun.

also, i rode bikes today. tomorrow i will ski...

Monday, March 29, 2010

Alaska Trip 2010

I had an opportunity to go to alaska for a ski trip, and I took that opportunity. We skied 5 days in a row, I ran into some friends from Golden, and shared a plane with someone I knew. I also got harrassed because I used the wrong names of a couple of places, but it was ok because we skied a lot of powder. You know that feeling where your legs are burning, you are exhausted, but still have a big grin on your face? That is what it was like every day I was up here. I am actually off to go ski one more day, but i wanted to put up some of the pictures from the last couple of days! We skied at Turnagain Pass, Kenai Peninsula, Alyeska, and back to turnagain. Today we are headed to the front range...


Monday, March 22, 2010

Loveland Ski Area

Here are some photos of skiing at loveland resort the other day. it sure was cold, but it was also really sunny out. found some good snow and there were some good laughs...

Monday, March 15, 2010

Devil's Backbone 3-13-10

Bike Riding is fun... especially when it is 60 degrees, sunny, and the snow is terrible. Also, bike riding is fun when you bring food and water, which I normally do not do...

Here are some pictures of our trip up to the Devil's Backbone just south of Fort Collins, CO...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Boy's Regular Please

Remember when you used to go down to the barber shop every couple of months and get your hair cut by Frankie? I do... and no matter what I wanted done with my hair (i always wanted it spiked... ) I always got the same thing... boys regular. Boys regular completely disregards any kind of styling, and even neglects to confront cowlicks, wavy heads, or natural parts.

Boys regular meant that it was a little shorter on the sides, parted down the side, and combed over so that your cowlick would stick up. Every barber had one, no matter what his name was.... I'm pretty sure you got boys regular until you went into the armed forces or something...

well, i took my dog to get a haircut the other day, and I said, can you leave it a little longer on top, so it covers his eyes a little bit? He doesn't like the really bright lights... well. this is what a got.


A boy's regular. but for my dog.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Mountain Biking in Pueblo, CO 3-6-10

Here are some pictures of mountain biking in pueblo last weekend...

not only was it the first ride of the season, it was also a great day to eat 7 donuts, and an ice coffee (5 of the donuts and the iced coffee were from my favorite place, Dunkin Donuts!)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Riding Bikes and Calorie Intake

I rode my bike today down in Pueblo... it was 65 degrees, and fantastic. i also ate 7 donuts, and an iced coffee, and only think i took in about 2500 calories....

i also ate 10 chicken nuggets and some fries, but it was a great day to ride bikes and hang out with friends. We talked trash unto each other, rode some pretty technical stuff, and got some good photos which I will put up soon. I got called a dork a lot because of my love for dunkin donuts, my matching orange pedals, and my sandwich blog, but that is okay. I wish my dog could have come, but I think he would have been a little warm....

pretty soon he gets a haircut, which is always exciting. That normally means that is is about time to snow again! Hopefully this year it will happen that way as well, since I really haven't been doing a lot of skiing!

well, I am tired from visiting with Terrence, getting up early, eating way too much sugar, riding bikes, and my general business that i had today! check back soon for pictures!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A new blog

I started a new blog, purely about sandwiches... i was inspired by a fellow sandwich eater, and my favorite sandwich shop, D'Deli in downtown Golden, CO, who has my favorite types of sandwiches; the ones i want to eat!

I will continue to use this blog to talk about skiing, trying to sell people's gear (i have some 27 tornado's for sale), as well as some other fun topics and trivia. i will probably use this one to vent and express my frustrations, but if you want some good recipes, please check out and see what I can come up with to eat.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Carnival Tricks

I should have been one of those people who guesses other people's weight at the carnival. I was sitting on the subway the other day, trying to size people up and i seemed to be pretty much right on. I asked a couple of people if i was right, and i got some very strange looks.

I did however find that if i phrased my questions appropriately, it came across as not as akward or bizarre. When i asked people outright what they weighed, they were either offended or looked at me like I was nuts. When i suggested that they looked like someone I knew, or was trying to purchase a gift for, they were more willing to share their weight with me.

the outcome of this venture was that I figured out I could probably take out about 30% of the people that I asked in a wrestling match :)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sandwich VS Burrito

In a battle which would win,
since burritos do not have arms to pin?
Would a burrito wrapped tight
put up a good fight?
or would the sandwich
turn into a manwich?

What is the best way to settle this battle?
Would it be with two cowboys in the saddle
or with a kayak and a paddle?
If you don't want to know, then ski-daddle!

I like fresh veggies,
i don't like wedgies.
I like the lettuce, so crisp and pleasant,
but burritos are favorites of my tenant.

The trick for sandwiches is the bread,
and what goes on in your head,
when you add the dressings, the insides,
and whatever else you devise.

I think in a rumble,
the sandwich would tumble,
but my stomach would grumble,
if neither did win.

Burritos are wrapped up all nice,
and have the right amount of spice,
but there is always something messy,
about the last bite.

Sandwiches stay consistent, unless you suck at making them.

which i don't.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Soup, Sandwiches and Skiing

1 of these is not like the other. Or are they all the same? They all begin with S, they are all things that bring me energy, and they are all things I can accomplish in a day. Sometimes I eat sandwiches while I ski, and sometimes I eat soup while I ski, and sometimes I eat soup and sandwiches and dont ski.

We went out for a tour on Saturday up at Berthoud Pass, and the weather was perfect. In the 30's bluebird, and the snow was decent. We started out a little slow, dealing with some of the traffic and what not from other ski areas, but we had fun. We sat at the top of the climb and busted out the jetboil and boiled up some soup for the ramen, pad thai, and other such yummies. Spinach wraps, chocolates, etc. it was like we were going on a picnic, not going skiing.

But all good things must come to an end, so we packed up our bags, put on our skis, and took some photos, which will be posted below. All in all, it was a great day of skiing with friends.... oh wait, we did play around in some avalanche debris, which was interesting to see what the layers were doing. Some pretty big slides, started by skiers, as well as a bunch of natural avy slides. Please people, if you are going to do stupid things, don't do them near me. I don't like having to ski along and then suddenly start thinking that you might be buried under the snow below me.... be smart, not stupid.

Sandwiches are pretty awesome... so are burritos, but in a battle, i think that a sandwich could take it... but that might be for a different blog post.