Monday, March 29, 2010

Alaska Trip 2010

I had an opportunity to go to alaska for a ski trip, and I took that opportunity. We skied 5 days in a row, I ran into some friends from Golden, and shared a plane with someone I knew. I also got harrassed because I used the wrong names of a couple of places, but it was ok because we skied a lot of powder. You know that feeling where your legs are burning, you are exhausted, but still have a big grin on your face? That is what it was like every day I was up here. I am actually off to go ski one more day, but i wanted to put up some of the pictures from the last couple of days! We skied at Turnagain Pass, Kenai Peninsula, Alyeska, and back to turnagain. Today we are headed to the front range...


Monday, March 22, 2010

Loveland Ski Area

Here are some photos of skiing at loveland resort the other day. it sure was cold, but it was also really sunny out. found some good snow and there were some good laughs...

Monday, March 15, 2010

Devil's Backbone 3-13-10

Bike Riding is fun... especially when it is 60 degrees, sunny, and the snow is terrible. Also, bike riding is fun when you bring food and water, which I normally do not do...

Here are some pictures of our trip up to the Devil's Backbone just south of Fort Collins, CO...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Boy's Regular Please

Remember when you used to go down to the barber shop every couple of months and get your hair cut by Frankie? I do... and no matter what I wanted done with my hair (i always wanted it spiked... ) I always got the same thing... boys regular. Boys regular completely disregards any kind of styling, and even neglects to confront cowlicks, wavy heads, or natural parts.

Boys regular meant that it was a little shorter on the sides, parted down the side, and combed over so that your cowlick would stick up. Every barber had one, no matter what his name was.... I'm pretty sure you got boys regular until you went into the armed forces or something...

well, i took my dog to get a haircut the other day, and I said, can you leave it a little longer on top, so it covers his eyes a little bit? He doesn't like the really bright lights... well. this is what a got.


A boy's regular. but for my dog.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Mountain Biking in Pueblo, CO 3-6-10

Here are some pictures of mountain biking in pueblo last weekend...

not only was it the first ride of the season, it was also a great day to eat 7 donuts, and an ice coffee (5 of the donuts and the iced coffee were from my favorite place, Dunkin Donuts!)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Riding Bikes and Calorie Intake

I rode my bike today down in Pueblo... it was 65 degrees, and fantastic. i also ate 7 donuts, and an iced coffee, and only think i took in about 2500 calories....

i also ate 10 chicken nuggets and some fries, but it was a great day to ride bikes and hang out with friends. We talked trash unto each other, rode some pretty technical stuff, and got some good photos which I will put up soon. I got called a dork a lot because of my love for dunkin donuts, my matching orange pedals, and my sandwich blog, but that is okay. I wish my dog could have come, but I think he would have been a little warm....

pretty soon he gets a haircut, which is always exciting. That normally means that is is about time to snow again! Hopefully this year it will happen that way as well, since I really haven't been doing a lot of skiing!

well, I am tired from visiting with Terrence, getting up early, eating way too much sugar, riding bikes, and my general business that i had today! check back soon for pictures!