Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bachelor Party weekends

Some people go out and have strippers, some people go to vegas and cause trouble. My friend Phil just wanted a chill weekend where we all hang out, ride bikes, camp, set things on fire, and play with potato guns. That is exactly what we did.

A couple of things we figured out on this trip was that a 285lb guy who is 6'9" cannot go more than a day without breaking his gear. we also figured out that trailers in potatoes does actually work, and if you hit a flaming bottle of lighter fluid with a potato, it makes some cool effects.

I also realized that my dog is a pansy. He doesn't like loud noises, like explosions. In fact, he ran off for quite a while just because of the constant firing of the potato canon.

Here are some pictures from the weekend, as well as some other random stuff. Mostly just bike riding photos and people hanging out and some camp fire photos... .

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