Sunday, May 3, 2009

Drinko De Mayo

So my friends are hilarious, and continue to amaze me. Every year, they throw a Drinko de Mayo party, and people will show up from all over the place.... Every year the party gets better and better, and the weather gets worse and worse. This year, they finally decided to bring a pot bellied stove in addition to the massive grill, the 2 kegs, the 100 burgers and 100 hot dogs... they also brought 3 shot skis, a stereo, and a lot of booze and pre-mixed margaritas....

Given that i messed up my back last week, i thought it was a good idea to not ski, and drink and take photos.... after i drank for a while, i forgot i had my camera.... but when it came out, i went hog-wild.... 500 photos in under 2 hours.... most of them included giving direction on facial expressions and trying to take self portraits with a very large sombrero....

I am in the process of sorting them, but i will post a few up here shortly.

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