Thursday, August 6, 2009

Weddings, Travel, and Work

I think i might become a Wedding Photographer. I would of course have to buy some new cameras, maybe some different shoes, and come up with some kind of way to distinguish myself from everyone else, and maybe charge, but it could be a good gig for me. I mean, free food, I get to snap photos of people I don't really know, and its not like there is a whole lot of variation in the photos themselves... how many times are you going to be taking photos of the exact same wedding party. Once you have your system down, it should work.

I recently shot photos for my friends Lindsey and Zac, and it was a lot of fun. I sort of missed out on enjoying the ceremony, but it felt good capturing the moment for them. Looking back at the pictures (and there were a lot of them) was interesting, and the whole decision process on what to keep is WAY harder than actually taking the photos I think.

But then I got to go to another wedding, where there was one main photographer, and about 1000 people with cameras it seemed (even though there were only 100 people or so at the wedding...) I imagine it would be very difficult to try and sell your photos to the family when you have so much competition.... maybe I will make chocolate covered business cards or something to keep all of those "amateurs" occupied.

Traveling is a lot of work. Flying standby is stressful, plane tickets are expensive, and hotel beds are not really all that comfortable. I don't mind it, especially when i get to see people that I care about or would love to see, but I am glad that I do not do it for work right now. Those were different days of living on the road and trying to pick the same hotel chain (courtyard marriots are all very similar, as are La Quinta inns and a lot of best westerns) so you can build up points. Choosing a dog friendly hotel is also way easier than choosing a dog friendly airline (although you now can fly with little dogs that fit under the seat, which leaves out rally) which leaves you with Southwest as one of your only options.

Ok, enough for today.... I just finished up with work, and hope that tomorrow is a little less hectic than today was....
Enjoy some photos from Zac and Lindsey's Wedding!

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