Monday, March 29, 2010

Alaska Trip 2010

I had an opportunity to go to alaska for a ski trip, and I took that opportunity. We skied 5 days in a row, I ran into some friends from Golden, and shared a plane with someone I knew. I also got harrassed because I used the wrong names of a couple of places, but it was ok because we skied a lot of powder. You know that feeling where your legs are burning, you are exhausted, but still have a big grin on your face? That is what it was like every day I was up here. I am actually off to go ski one more day, but i wanted to put up some of the pictures from the last couple of days! We skied at Turnagain Pass, Kenai Peninsula, Alyeska, and back to turnagain. Today we are headed to the front range...


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