Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Boy's Regular Please

Remember when you used to go down to the barber shop every couple of months and get your hair cut by Frankie? I do... and no matter what I wanted done with my hair (i always wanted it spiked... ) I always got the same thing... boys regular. Boys regular completely disregards any kind of styling, and even neglects to confront cowlicks, wavy heads, or natural parts.

Boys regular meant that it was a little shorter on the sides, parted down the side, and combed over so that your cowlick would stick up. Every barber had one, no matter what his name was.... I'm pretty sure you got boys regular until you went into the armed forces or something...

well, i took my dog to get a haircut the other day, and I said, can you leave it a little longer on top, so it covers his eyes a little bit? He doesn't like the really bright lights... well. this is what a got.


A boy's regular. but for my dog.

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